Tay Fishing Scotland

A superb Tay salmon fishing beat

Please download and print of our beat map to take with you on your day of fishing.

dalmarnock fishingTips
It is customary to tip the ghillie / boatman at the end of the day or week's fishing. Tipping is very personal, however as a guide, we would suggest that a minimum of £10 per rod per day and £25 per rod per day for a boat rod or personal ghillie service is normal, perhaps more if you have caught a fish. Traditionally, the tip is concealed between your fingers as you shake hands and say goodbye. If fishing for a few consecutive days with the same ghillie most anglers will leave tipping to the end of the trip.

There is a unique skill to manoeuvring a boat on a river so that the rod's fly is most likely to cover salmon and is presented in exactly the right way. Poor casters and anglers may benefit from booking the Lower and Middle Tay beats where boats are more frequently used. It is worth keeping in mind that boats will only be used when the conditions justify them and ghillies are entitled to refuse to take a boat out if it is not safe to do so.

Fishing hours
Dalmarnock Gate is open from 08.30 until 17:00. We do allow anglers to fish on alone after 6pm but this is at the discretion of the Ghillie and must be arrange direct with him. All cars must be parked at the other side of the gate as the gate gets locked up at night.

Disabled Access
Dalmarnock River has excellent Disabled access to the beat and also very good bank side access to the boats. This can also be accessed by wheelchair. There will always be help on hand.